Jonathan Ackley ensures my future children get lost at Disney World (UPDATE: Ahern shares culpability!) 06 Apr, 2012 / 2 comments

So we're about a two months late on this one, a Mixnmojo phenomenon known as "par for the course," but we've really got to report it.

You might recall that Jonathan Ackley, the co-project lead of The Curse of Monkey Island who isn't Larry Ahern, has been a Disney Imagineer for most of his post-LEC years, and in that capacity has worked on all kinds of neat stuff.

His latest project is "Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom" - an attraction that's sort of a treasure hunt mixed with a role playing card game that was launched at the Magic Kingdom in February. Armed with a map and spell cards, guests partake in a narrative in which classic Disney villians are scattered throughout the park in order to retrieve crystal shards at the behest of Hades. Guests solve quests by tracking down and activating Magic Portals and doing battle with the villains using their spell cards, which are divided into nine different spell classes.

A better explanation of the whole thing, complete with Ackley quotes, can be found here. Sounds like something I could get into. Yes, I'm trying to invite myself to your next Disney trip.

Update: Well whaddya know! Some diligent stalking of Larry Ahern's Linkedin, a daily Mojo rote, has led to the revelation that he in fact worked on "Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom" with his old cohort. Now we just need those guys to resurrect Vanishing Act.


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    Melancholick on 07 Apr, 2012, 00:54…
    Having been there earlier this month, I can attest to the inherent coolness of the feature; it's a brilliant way to get the Pokemon' (Do kids still play that? #ancient) crowd even more invested into the setting, while forcing kids to drag their parents from one side of the park to the other in pursuit of the various bells, whistles and dongles.

    Epcot's got a "Kim Possible" version which is similar (Kiosk and card-driven geocaching, basically), but I dunno if Ahern got in on that action.
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    clone2727 on 06 Apr, 2012, 13:42…


    the co-project lead of The Curse of Monkey Island who isn't Larry Ahern

    Channeling Stephen Colbert?

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