J'Accuse! The Curse of Monkey Island (Movie) Resurfaces 10 Aug, 2023 / 3 comments

Remember in 2003, when all the Domino bricks started falling, and we learned that, yes, a Monkey Island movie was in production at some point? In 2013, we published a short article about it on The SCUMM Bar, and it has now resurfaced here on Mojo.

In 2021, Polygon published its own story with a lot more official-ish information, of course, but it never really caught the zeitgeist angle quite as vividly. So, go read and relive the movie that thank god never was.



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    TimeGentleman on 10 Aug, 2023, 21:34…


    "the Domino bricks"?

    OH, the Dominics. Very good.
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    TimeGentleman on 10 Aug, 2023, 21:33…
    "the Domino bricks"?
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    Thrik on 10 Aug, 2023, 15:16…
    Man. I really want to see that monkey made out of monkeys.

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