It's like Newton vs. Leibniz all over again 06 Sep, 2009, 20:14 / 5 comments

Strange goings on and a new LucasArts blog! AlfredJ tips us off again in the Mojo comments.
All right, this is the last time this week I'll be tipping you guys off. But this post just appeared on Lucasart's potentially awesome new blog called the Lucas Workshop. It's a picture of some guys at PAX, but there's this girl with a puzzle piece in the picture (Lucidity?). I found out that if you change the url of the picture from 1.jpg to 2.jpg, 3.jpg and 4.jpg, you can get four different pictures and four different puzzle pieces. When you put the puzzle pieces together, you get what I assume to be a screenshot of Lucidity. Looks pretty interesting. Looks totally unlike anything Lucas has done for the past few years.

Check it out:

There's other stuff on the blog too, like a bit about Loom.
Nice work Alfred, you win this week's coveted Mojo Assist Award!

Update: Much like those two famous mathematicians independently and simultaneously inventing calculus, Mojo Forumer spiralout also made the same discovery. Guess you two can share the Mojo Assist Award, three and a half days on the mantlepiece each.

Update 2: Reader fajerkaos has been nice enough to piece the four clues together, creating this lovely screenshot; AlfredJ found the seperate screens.


  • clone2727 on 07 Sep, 2009, 01:34…
    Forget the Mojo Assist award! They deserve Mojo Cookie Pirate Points!
  • Kroms on 07 Sep, 2009, 01:50…
    Which they have received. Check your bank account maties, you're that 1000 Mojo Cookie Pirate Points richer.
  • AlfredJ on 05 Sep, 2009, 22:13…
    I'm overflowing with emotion right now. Sadly, this might be the proudest moment of my life.
  • fajerkaos on 05 Sep, 2009, 21:55…
    I'm not a Laserschwert at photoshop, but I pieced it together, and think it looks decent:

    Might this mean that it's a "puzzle game"?
  • jp-30 on 05 Sep, 2009, 23:33…
    Nice job! And perhaps it does mean that.