Interview with creator of GameTap 22 Jun, 2005, 23:04 / 3 comments

What? Okay so this is only very vaguely relevant, but I thought some people might be interested.

Here's an interview with the creator of Turner Enterprises' upcoming GameTap service, and some other information about it. GameTap is an online store similar to the iTunes Music Store, but instead of songs, obviously, they sell you downloadable games, including some modern titles, and an allegedly large back library.

I'm only posting about this because I have heard murmerings that some old Lucas titles will be appearing on the service. So, look out for that (maybe). If not, I guess GameTap also has Space Invaders.


  • FlamingWeasel on 12 Jul, 2005, 12:56…
    I work in a marketing research survey office, and we did surveys on GameTap several months ago, where people were brought in to try a demonstration of the service on a laptop. They were allowed to play some of the games on a prototype version of the software (among them, Pitfall).
    They also watched a commercial advertising the service that gave some specifics and flashed a bunch of games. I don't know how many other Lucasarts games will be on there, but I do seem to recall seeing The Dig.
  • jp-30 on 23 Jun, 2005, 16:57…
    Speaking of downloadable game systems; ANNOUNCING TELLTALE NOW ?

  • Udvarnoky on 23 Jun, 2005, 18:07…
    Yes! The new screenshots looks nice as well.