Insecticide interview 16 Jul, 2007, 11:41 / 2 comments

Suggesting that I probably should have given Gamespot a chance to cobble together all of their Insecticide E3 coverage before reporting about it, the site has put up a well worth watching video interview with Mike Levine of Crackpot Entertainment to discuss the nuts and bolts of this increasingly intriguing action/adventure game.

A good deal of never-before-seen gameplay is presented, and Mike reveals that the game includes "20 plus" levels - half of them full action levels with platforming, shooting, and gun finding, and the other half focused on more of the deliberate, detective based stuff. All in all it sounds like the gameplay is going to be unique, well balanced, and true to the genre of its story. Mike also mentions two of the game's collectible weapons, the pollinator gun and the "amberizer," the usage of which I'll let you listen about for yourself.

This is without a doubt the most promising and exciting look I've seen of Insecticide so far, and you really get the sense that the guys making it have their priorities straight and are going to give us a really interesting and most of all, fun, game. The downloadable, PC version of the title is confirmed to be released in early 2008 (I believe that prior to this it was said that the first of the two-part download would be out by the year's end), and the DS version is reiterated to come out in November. Also, all gameplay in the DS footage shown is designated to be in pre-alpha stages, which may make you feel a bit better about how the screenshots look so far. Mojo will be keeping you up-to-date on all things Insecticide, so no worries there.


  • The Tingler on 16 Jul, 2007, 22:50…
    Wait a minute - did he say that the DS version was going to be the main version? Interesting!
  • Udvarnoky on 16 Jul, 2007, 23:13…
    He didn't say that...?