Insecticide disc - the final word 23 Jan, 2010, 01:35 / 9 comments

As some have noted, the abruptly existent PC retail version of Insecticide that I've been on about started shipping this week, and my copy arrived today. So here are the details: the game comes in a jewel case in a cardboard sleeve, and the content of the CD is indeed "Insecticide: Part 1" as already available through Steam and other digital outlets. The packaging sneakily does not include "Part 1" anywhere - you only find that out once you open the case.

I do like that Southpeak has released this game in stores, but not when they clearly have no intention of seeing the game completed. Still, if you're interested in the game and gave up on Part 2, we're talking ten bucks here. Oh, and I should probably reprint this comment Larry Ahern left in our previous Insecticide news post about what happened with the PC version:
The design, FMVs, characters, and animation for Part 2 were finished, the levels were about 1/2 done, and then of course there was a lot of tuning to do. And, while I can't promise that getting half the game won't leave you hanging, if you've not played Part 1 yet, or only seen the DS version of Insecticide, the PC one is worth a look.

For those interested, we're trying to get the FMVs to Part 2 posted on our YouTube page. I know it's not the conclusion we all wanted, but it may give some fans some closure. Remind me not to make any more games with cliffhangers though. :)
So, hopefully Larry and Mike can get on those videos soon. For those who aren't aware, the FMVs are the work of Peter Tsaykel, who in addition to working on Grim Fandango is Telltale's lead animator.

I reckon that's about all there is left to say on this Insecticide release. Hopefully we can at least report the availability of those videos sometime in the future. If you're a publisher with some money to spend, why not give Crackpot a call? Please?


  • Shmargin on 23 Jan, 2010, 20:37…
    I really REALLY did not think this game was cool at all.

    I played the PC version, and I stand by my comments of thinking games that look and play like bad dreamcast games, should have only come out on the dreamcast.

    No point in making blah platformers where you shoot the same clone bad guy again and again.

    Throwing in a little adventure elements, then making you do more boring horrible looking platforming just isnt a good game.

    And since Lucas likes their old games again, and Telltale is doing cool stuff with MI and S&M, I think we should just pretend we never cared about this doomed game, and get on with it.

    We have actual adventure games to play, with new ones coming, we dont have to dig for scraps like you'll find with Insecticide.
  • Kroms on 23 Jan, 2010, 11:35…
    Poor Insecticide. :(

    Sigh, I think I'll be buying the first part, though I'll hold out for a few months in case a second part is ever made. I'll at least wait until the FMVs are put up.
  • Ascovel on 23 Jan, 2010, 02:02…
    I'm happy to at least see some buzz around this new release. My impression was the game did get way too little attention considering its quality.
  • Giygas on 23 Jan, 2010, 16:12…
    Hehe, "Buzz".
  • Udvarnoky on 23 Jan, 2010, 02:05…
    It is a "small" game I suppose, but the marketing for it was always awful, maybe not so much in terms of exposure (I did like the frequent videos) but in terms of the audience getting dependable information. I mean, people at Mojo were actively aware of the game, and it was impossible to find details even when Gamecock was running the show. The official site still implies that both Parts of the PC version are still available.
  • Udvarnoky on 23 Jan, 2010, 03:01…
    Also, there is no buzz surrounding this new release.
  • Ascovel on 23 Jan, 2010, 15:45…
    Fans got reminded that they should be sad because Part 2 never came out - that's always something.
  • Udvarnoky on 23 Jan, 2010, 16:33…
    No one outside this comment tree is aware of the release's existence, though. In fact, good luck finding a reference to Insecticide anywhere on Southpeak's web site.
  • neon_git on 23 Jan, 2010, 18:24…
    Well I'm aware of the release and I'm not in this comment tree ... OH SHIT!