Insecticide: What the Hell Happened There? 24 Jul, 2018 / 4 comments

The 10th anniversary of the lovely but underappreciated - not to mention unfinished - Insecticide is upon us, and if anybody is gonna do something about it, shouldn't it be us?

Hey, I agree with you. That's why I decided to reach out to the game's creators, Mike Levine and Larry Ahern, and the result of said harrassment is a new feature to celebrate the beleaguered game's milestone.

Really, it's just a new Q&A with Mike and Larry. But because I knocked together a little introductory page and shamed Remi into donating a header image, it is an officially sanctioned feature, damn you.



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    ThunderPeel2001 on 29 Jul, 2018, 14:28…
    I never played Insecticide, even though I own it. No idea why, as it apparently has an amazing pedigree. I should rectify this immediately.
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    Overmann on 25 Jul, 2018, 01:52…
    Thanks for that great interview.
    I really enjoyed Insecticide, and now, I know, the rest of the story.
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    AlfredJ on 24 Jul, 2018, 22:16…
    This is the good stuff. Mojo got its mojo back it seems!

    I bought Insecticide back in the day (PC, never had the chance to play the DS version), but that was through some long-forgotten Steam alternative that no longer exists. I re-bought the game on Steam a while back and felt really good about that, until I found out that it isn't exactly helping Mike and Larry just now. It's a shame because the game was actually really cool. It's got that semi-Grim Fandango/Psychonauts vibe that you don't really see anymore these days going for it (which makes sense given the people involved). I feel really bad about everything that happened, these guys definitely deserved better. I'll make sure to replay the game again soon, just so I'll feel extra sad after reaching the cliffhanger.

    Them mentioning redoing some old adventures at the end is interesting. Seeing how they're still in touch with some of the old gang, I hope there's a place for a project at Double Fine for them. That seems to be the most viable ex-Lucas folks place at the moment. But who knows if Sony/Disney is interested in doing more with those old IP's - I think we'd have heard something by now if there was more coming up. Ah, the story of the aging Lucasfan is a tragic one.

    But thanks for doing this Mojo, and thanks Mike & Larry as well! Your fans are still out there, holding out hope.
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    Remi on 24 Jul, 2018, 20:51…
    I give myself a healthy C- for effort on that one.

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