Insecticide: Developer Commentary 06 Mar, 2008, 21:34 / 3 comments

IGN have a short but good video of developer's commentary on Insecticide, a sort-of Behind-the-Scenes thing with Larry Ahern and Mike Levine. Don't forget that if you buy that game you'll be at least ten times cooler, plus the secret desire of every girl who walks by you.
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  • Maratanos on 06 Mar, 2008, 22:16…
    Incidentally, it's also available on the Insecticide website.
  • Kroms on 06 Mar, 2008, 22:34…
    Yeah. But I figured that the official site could get re-designed any second so it'd be better to link to a stable site like IGN. Thanks for the tip-off though :P
  • The Tingler on 06 Mar, 2008, 21:58…
    I did notice that after I did the interview with Levine and Ahern, all the girls I met started checking me out.

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