Insecticide DS epilogue 03 Apr, 2008, 22:26 / 3 comments

IGN has posted a post-mortem type interview with Mike Levine addressing some of the recurring complains from the reviewers.
It's an easy target for reviews to go, "Well, they tried to do two types of gameplay, and they should have just done one." You sort of see this snowball effect where people just fall in line with that. In the same breath, those same people are always screaming for innovation in this industry and different types of games.
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  • The Tingler on 04 Apr, 2008, 06:48…
    Our review should be up shortly. While there are complaints to be had (as with any game), they mostly seem to be down to DS limitations. It is all incredibly fun, and I hope I make that clear.
  • Udvarnoky on 04 Apr, 2008, 02:37…
    I totally agree with Levine here. There's nothing particularly revolutionary (or therefore intimidating) about the action elements or the adventure elements (though these are executed expertly complete with the humor and sharp writing) on their own, but the way the game so confidently throws them together in such a way that feels dictated by the story is very innovative and worth praising.

    I've been disappointed by the harshness of the reviews. I haven't really read one that said "This game sucks," but it's annoying that when people beg for something original and get it they're all too happy to rip the thing to shreds, but Halo 3 gets a 9.5 simply because it's supposed to. And yes, it does seem suspiciously like every reviewer simply took what the previous reviewer said and repeated it, like they were afraid of having the "wrong" opinion of a game that they didn't know what to make of.

    Say whatever you want about wanting creative, original games - you vote with your wallet.
  • Kroms on 03 Apr, 2008, 23:37…
    True....but does the interview have spoilers?