Indy Greatest Adventures Review 04 Dec, 2009, 20:17 / 5 comments

In a recent excavation of a tomb in Orkney, two items of interest were discovered: the body of a Dark Age chieftain named Jaisonius Spirit Feather, and a collection of vellum manuscripts.

Within the content of said manuscripts was this article, describing Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures, some 1,800 years before the game was even made.

We can only assume that the body was Jason, tragically lost in the year 199 AD, but still performing his duties to this future web-site.


  • The Tingler on 07 Dec, 2009, 05:07…
    Never really got on with Greatest Adventures. I hate games that unfairly difficult, and the music was the same three or four tracks repeated ad infinitum.
  • jp-30 on 04 Dec, 2009, 20:38…
    Shit, Gabez has caught kroms disease.

  • Kroms on 04 Dec, 2009, 20:44…
    Do I really have that many spelling errors? I think my spelling is usually fine, and only falls off the tracks when I'm posting really early/late.
  • jp-30 on 04 Dec, 2009, 20:50…
    Haha. I meant the story being wrapped in some non-sequiter fiction!
  • Kroms on 04 Dec, 2009, 21:14…
    Oh yeah. More to the point, it's all based on a true story. Crazy, I know, but it's true!