Indiana Jones sketchcards 25 Apr, 2008, 19:13 / 2 comments

I've known about these for a while but I haven't posted about them before because they were still works in progress. Anyways, Trev-Solo over at Deviantart created a bunch of really good art Indiana Jones sketchcards. He loves (loves loves loves) Indiana Jones and he's very talented, so check them out.

He's also done some cool sculptures, including Indy and Anakin Skywalker: check them out over at his gallery.


  • QueZTone on 25 Apr, 2008, 19:43…
    trevor is a great artist! love the stuff he's done! also be sure to check out his artwork of starwars and other spielberg films!
  • Kroms on 25 Apr, 2008, 20:27…
    He is. I've linked to them, by the way. At the bottom.