In lieu of actual Indiana Jones gaming news, read this 11 Jul, 2017 / 2 comments

Our fine friends over at The Onion have pulled a Mojo and reviewed ranted about the TT Games LEGO Indiana Jones videogame series some years after release.

Consider: While the Indiana Jones of film punches out Nazis, his mute Lego doppelgänger spends far more time attacking trees and flowers. Indy can scarcely walk five steps without finding a cluster of greenery that he’s compelled to destroy in order to collect the tiny Lego studs that constitute the in-game currency. Even when outrunning the giant boulder—that most iconic moment from Raiders—he’s evidently supposed to risk his life brutalizing the vegetation for a few extra studs. So you’ll understand, Adam, if I’m at a bit of a loss as to what makes this game “pretty fun.”

Bravo Onion, bravo.

Source: The Onion



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    jp-30 on 11 Jul, 2017, 23:40…


    It's the annual one-two JP punch!

    See ya in 2018, mojo mofos...
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    Remi on 11 Jul, 2017, 23:40…
    It's the annual one-two JP punch!

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