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"I think a year is a good amount of time to work on something," says Tim

15 Oct, 2010, 23:02 | Posted by: Jason | Source: Gamasutra
Tim Schafer recently related the newfound delights of splitting his studio into quarters in order to develop multiple projects at an accelerated timetable to Gamasutra, who translated it all into a four-page feature with loads of great insight:

When are you going to know like if this is a good strategy for your studio?

TS: I already know. I already love it. I already love my position of being, instead of the bottleneck that everyone was waiting for, like "Tim, when are you going to come up with that character design?" Or story, or whatever, I am now being a helper. Everyone's working. I'm not stopping it from working.

There's this guy I know who would totally not click to read the entire article, and my appeal to you is: don't be that guy.

What does everyone else think about this?

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    Comment by: Kroms | Posted 16 Oct, 2010, 11:52 | Quote
    I hope this works out for them. I also hope Sony lets me start buying stuff off of PSN soon. Costume Quest looks fun, I wouldn't want to miss out on it because I don't live in a "PSN-approved" country.

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