Huffington Loves Sam & Max 20 Feb, 2010, 22:03 / 5 comments

Blogger Alex Remington at Huffington Post shows his love for Steve Purcell, Sam and Max and in particular "Hit the Road".

So, Purcell's done lots and lots of cool things. But nothing's cooler than Hit the Road. A private school principal once told me that in the history of literature, the greatest translation of all time was the English translation of Waiting for Godot, because Samuel Beckett had personally translated it from French, in which he'd originally written it, into English, his mother tongue. Well, Steve Purcell just might be the Samuel Beckett of comic book video games.

Read it. Read it all.

Source: Huffington Post



  • syntheticgerbil on 22 Feb, 2010, 20:56…
    So, how many comic book video games are there exactly outside of Marvel and DC characters?
  • Ascovel on 22 Feb, 2010, 23:26…
    Pretty much as many as there are comic books. Dozens of Tintins, Asterixes, Luke Luckies, Dylan Dogs, Diaboliks, Thorgals... the list is endless!
  • jp-30 on 22 Feb, 2010, 21:29…
    DO you count Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?
  • neon_git on 22 Feb, 2010, 22:26…
    Off the top of my head there's also the Judge Dredd and Rogue Trooper games, so that's at least two more.
  • Ascovel on 20 Feb, 2010, 22:38…
    No screenshots :(