Hey, new guy! 23 Jul, 2004, 13:35 / 5 comments

Looks like LucasArts has hired someone to their management team who isn't an ex-Electronic Arts employee. After the recent employee departures/layoffs/firings, LEC was left without a Vice President of Marketing, which is something you generally need to run a medium to large sized game company.

Enter John Geoghegan, a marketing guy who seems to have quite a bit of experience marketing things. I don't think there's much more to say than that. We at Mojo of course wish John the best of luck in helping LucasArts stabilize itself, find focus, and maybe stop sucking.


  • RumRogerz on 24 Jul, 2004, 12:44…
    i hope this dude markets lucasarts into a deep dingy grave
  • Jayel on 23 Jul, 2004, 14:16…
    I'd be impressed if this John Geoghegan guy knows how to operate a mouse.
  • Remi O on 23 Jul, 2004, 14:32…
    Pft... You don't need a mouse to play externally developed console games.
  • Jake on 23 Jul, 2004, 16:11…
    I just joke around but you guys are harsh :)
  • Marek on 23 Jul, 2004, 13:39…
    Wow, someone who isn't a leftover from EA. The reason for this radical departure?

    "EA recently picked up Stranger," LucasArts commented, "...and just signed with the Far Cry guys for some brand new IP. They are no longer an example to us."