Heads up: Vote Guybrush next Wednesday 02 Jul, 2002, 14:19 / 4 comments

Somewhat early news, but I refuse to be 5 minutes too late to post a new article again.

Game help supersite is having a contest pitting various game characters against one another in a popularity sudden death vote-off.. and next Wednesday, our favorite pirate Guybrush will square off against Shenmue's Ryo Hazuki. For me, it's a tough choice, them being the main characters of easily my 2 favorite games series of all time, but for you, the choice should be obvious.

If Guybrush wins, he'll likely be up against Tomb Raider's Lara Croft, and we certainly can't have him losing there, can we?

If you'd like, take a look at the full contest bracket here.


  • death_himself on 03 Jul, 2002, 06:38…
    so do you want us to vote for the shit ones which aren't up against guybrush so he has a easy win?
  • twifkak on 03 Jul, 2002, 07:30…
    sweet. jerrymandering (or a derivative thereof) is fun.
  • mxbx on 02 Jul, 2002, 23:13…
    yeah, go to gamefaqs and start posting on the psychonauts board w/ as much speculation as you can muster
  • mercatfat on 02 Jul, 2002, 14:31…
    I'd also like to add that I apparently am today's 'winner '. Thanks Mojo!