Headlander reviewed 14 Oct, 2016 / 4 comments

Let's keep the news post as succinct as the review: read.



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    ThunderPeel2001 on 19 Oct, 2016, 16:56…
    X-) Be good if there was another opinion to help flesh it out. If I get around to buying, playing it enough, and have the motivation, maybe I can offer another take at some point :)
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    Remi on 18 Oct, 2016, 00:39…
    If there is an implication that I phoned this in, then yes, yes I did. :D
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    ThunderPeel2001 on 17 Oct, 2016, 19:47…
    Hmm. This isn't much of a review :-/
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    AlfredJ on 14 Oct, 2016, 20:02…
    I quite liked this, although I haven't managed to play too much of it (mostly due to too much work). I was especially glad to see a decently sized single player Double Fine game again, with all the presentation details that come with that. All the smaller Amnesia-style/phone games are fine and all, but it's games like this that keep me coming back to Double Fine.

    Back when I actually played games regularly I was quite fond of Metroid (although the last time I played a game like that is more than 10 years ago), although this game doesn't feel quite like that to me. The basic mechanics are there, but this feels closer to Stacking than something relatively action-oriented like Metroid to me.

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