Happy Birthday Graeme 16 Jun, 2001, 21:48 / 3 comments

Today is the birthday of our absent-minded, double-named news-posting web-monkey: El Pollo Diablo, sometimes known by his real name of Graeme Chicken.


Go easy on the eggs, folks. After all, how would you like it if your own children were used against you?


  • Dalixam on 17 Jun, 2001, 02:23…
    Happy birthday! *Throws a tomato*
  • Jake on 17 Jun, 2001, 01:35…
    (for those that dont know... *sigh* ...its a #mi/Scumm Bar/Mojo tradition to throw eggs at those having birthdays)
  • Emma on 17 Jun, 2001, 00:46…
    Happy Birthday! Hope you got loads of presents. :)