"Haha I'm beatin' him with a baseball bat!" 20 Nov, 2005, 01:07 / 2 comments

If you thought that J?rn and Vogel were impressive then get a load of this: a hardcore gaming granny who plays Psychonauts (and just about every other game ever)! Check out her blog, this video showing her controlling Razputin in hospital and this video introducing her 1337 skills. It?s impressive (and hilarious) stuff.

But if you just can?t get enough of J?rn and Vogel then JBRAA has been awesome and uploaded some more uber adventure gaming frenzies onto Mojo Art. Go check them out here and watch in awed amazement. In fact, whilst we?re on the subject check out Pure Pwnage too. It doesn?t have anything to do with LucasArts, but it is damn funny.

To all hardcore gamers out there: Mojo salutes you.

And on an unrelated but no less significant note, MJ has update Nightlight Productions with part three of his side-splitting Star Wars radio parody. Go give it a listen!

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  • Neil Joshi on 20 Nov, 2005, 12:06…
    Possibly the funniest thing I've seen in a while. She rocks!
  • Bobbin Threadbare on 20 Nov, 2005, 10:41…
    "Haha I'm beatin' him with a baseball bat!"

    That was awful funny. It was no surprise that the granny said Psychonauts is the hardest.