Hah, it's all real! 01 Apr, 2008, 18:36 / 6 comments

It is! If you don't believe Ronzo is posting here, take a look at his site! All real, I tell ya!


  • Ronzo on 01 Apr, 2008, 18:57…

    Sure it's real. Heck, I knew I shouldn't have announced this on APRIL FOOLS DAY. But I'm completely against all this APRIL FOOLS DAY hoo-ha. Actually, the guy who posted that on my site isn't really me (I think it might be Dave Grossman...) but I would have said much the same thing.

    Y'know, this reminds me of the time I pitched Monkey Island to the then LucasArts president, Randy Breen: I said, "hey guy, how about this Opera game about monkeys?" Back then the idea was to translate opera into a video game (something I'd still like to do... anyone got the money for that?) but Breen thought we were joking because it was APRIL FOOLS DAY (boy was my face red -- I'd forgotten!!)

    ANYHOO, that "mistake" meant that Monkey Island was turned into a comedy and the Opera plan was scrapped. So maybe something equally fortunate will come out of the fact that some people don't believe that I've joined the Mix'n'Mojo staff... :-)
  • Shmargin on 01 Apr, 2008, 18:56…
    Yes, I'm sure it is all real. I BELEIVE YOU I SWEAR!

    I especially like the prank here that I am currently the only victim of.

    It's super keen!
  • Ronzo on 01 Apr, 2008, 19:01…
    Hey, there you go. Tell you what: give me a call on 0772884 50699 and leave me your home address details. HONESTLY I will get you Monkey Island 5 first as soon as I can make it, because YOU were the only one who believed me.

    I think it was Tim Schafer who said "because you believe in me, your faith has made you well."
  • neon_git on 01 Apr, 2008, 23:10…
    My phone tells me that numbers starting with 07 should be 11 digits long. I'm starting to suspect this is an elaborate ruse.
  • ThunderPeel2001 on 01 Apr, 2008, 21:35…
    It's funny that you have a British mobile phone telephone number, Ron.
  • Shmargin on 01 Apr, 2008, 19:06…
    It said "Your call did not go through, please hang up and try your call again."

    Can you check that number for me!?