Guy sees Staff of Kings concept art 04 Aug, 2008, 22:45 / 1 comment

You probably think of CHUD as a site about movies, but they'll also occasionally report about game-related stuff, such as when they spread the love about Sam & Max. And considering how much traffic that site gets, good on them for that.

Anyway, one of the CHUD guys was visting LucasArts/ILM HQ for whatever reason and couldn't help but notice some unrevealed concept art for the elusive game. For obvious reasons said images couldn't be shared, but here's a summary of their findings:
- Art with Indy and the staff of Moses shows Indy striking water with the staff, with Nazis in the background.

- The same elephant chase art that's been around for a while is up, so the elephant ride/chase could still be a go.

- In addition to San Francisco locations include India and China; I was hoping the elephant chase might take place on Lombard St. Sigh.

- One piece shows Indy looking at the Golden Gate Bridge being built. Previously we'd heard the game takes place in 1939, but the bridge was finished in 1937.

- Art also shows a Zepplin called the Odin.

- The response to inquiries about the title Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings were met with a smile and 'the title is not announced'.
If we were talking about any other game these tidbits would be nothing to write home about, but this is about as big a deal as news on the upcoming Indiana Jones game gets.


  • The Tingler on 04 Aug, 2008, 23:01…
    I think the Golden Gate bridge thing is a reference to a gaff in Raiders of the Lost Ark, which showed the bridge in a map section despite it not being complete at the time.