Grim is in black 30 Apr, 2008, 15:37 / 4 comments

You shouted, you screamed, and you were heard. That awesome Grim Fandango t-shirt is now available in black. Actually it has been for a while, but whatever. Go buy!

Also, Albert Hofmann, the man behind certain Mojoers' Favorite Past Time™, LSD, passed away today. Rumors that he was killed by a cash machine are still unconfirmed.

Hofmann was 102, so he must have done something right.


  • black_sheep on 30 Apr, 2008, 20:30…
    why did I read the title as "Grim is Back"? My mind is playing tricks in me again.
  • BangBangTees on 30 Apr, 2008, 20:25…
    Yo dudes, thanks for mentioning our t-shirt again. We've now run out of stock of all sizes apart from small (partly due to your help!) but will have more in stock in about 2 or 3 weeks.
  • Gabez on 30 Apr, 2008, 19:56…
  • The Tingler on 30 Apr, 2008, 16:27…
    I've got the lovely fattening cream one, but that truly looks great!