Good Times & Free Grog 15 Jun, 2001, 20:38 / 4 comments

Jake and myself are currently updating from the Metreon in San Francisco. Why are we here? Because last night we attended the launch party for EMI on the Playstation 2.

The party was held on an old clipper ship in San Francisco Maritime museum, and we managed to snag loads of goodies for prizes and chat with Mike, Sean, and Dom (not to mention a few other EMI team members).

A full scale report will be available accompanied by photos, as soon as we get home.


  • netmonkey on 17 Jun, 2001, 06:20…
    Dude, you people are having too much fun without the netmonkey. I see if I can join you guys next year! Hey, I'm a mixnmojoer too... sorta :P netmonkey
  • Emma on 15 Jun, 2001, 21:26…
    Ah! You guys are soo lucky. Anyway, I look forward to the report. :)
  • QueZTone on 15 Jun, 2001, 21:21…
    ohboy! sounds cool :) looking forward to the report, does it come with fancy pics? :D cheers.....ackkk i should be in a bad mood hehe, i failed my exams! i have to redo the whole yea...hmm never mind! cheerssssss!
  • QueZTone on 15 Jun, 2001, 21:24…
    hmmm that p looks a lot like a d, yipes! :P