Get your PS2 EMI on 20 Jun, 2001, 07:15 / 3 comments

... Wednesday! LEC has updated their site announcing that Monkey Island 4 will hit the shelves tomorrow, Wednesday, in US stores. Those of you with PS2's will be treated to (theoretically) more detailed models, slightly-less-impossible Monkey Kombat, and some more functional mini-games (Murray Ball and Monkey Invaders). You can order it here from LucasArts.


  • Huz on 20 Jun, 2001, 15:15…
    That's unless you live outside the known universe (North America), you skank. I hear it will be available in one such hole in the ground known as the UK on 29th June, though probably not since I read this on Ceefax.
  • Jake on 20 Jun, 2001, 19:04…
    Hey now, I said "US stores." :) Guess you'll have to enter the mojo banner contest... heh heh.
  • telarium on 20 Jun, 2001, 18:45…
    Bitter, much?