GamesBeat chats with Rex Crowle, proves itself to be the most important gaming site on the web 26 May, 2022 / 3 comments

GamesBeat — which, let there be no doubt, is VentureBeat’s gaming site — has sat down with ReMI art director Rex Crowle, for a short, yet content-heavy interview. A sample:

The Monkey Island games mean so many different things to different people it’s daunting having that range of hopes and desires pressing down on you. Some fans picture the earlier pixel art, some remember painterly clouds, some may have happy memories of giant mechanical monkey battles.

Monkey battles… The man isn’t afraid of controversies.

And while you wait for more art from the game — and for the record: I love everything we’ve seen so far — you can tide yourself over by reading VentureBeat’s other fascinating content, like “How a semiconductor metaverse could accelerate chip innovation!”

Update: Oh, you want a link to the interview, too? Fine, fine: Go read.

Source: GamezBeat



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    Rum Rogers on 26 May, 2022, 23:23…
    Here for quick access :P
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    Remi on 26 May, 2022, 23:20…

    Rum Rogers

    No secondary link? No, wait, no link at all?!

    They don’t deserve that. ;

    (I’ll add it when I get home — looks like my source link didn’t take.)
  • Avatar
    Rum Rogers on 26 May, 2022, 23:17…
    No secondary link? No, wait, no link at all?!

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