GFN Goes GF.Net 09 Dec, 2002, 12:54 / 3 comments

Grand Flamingo sends word that the Grim Fandango Network has officially switched over to their new domain name: GFN is home to several of the best Grim Fandango information and multimedia web sites and is also the sponsor of the IRC channel

ZeroXcape, the founder of GFN, had this to say about the domain change: "Since early 1998, we have been trying to obtain this web address. Fortunately for us, everyone else seems to have lost interest!"

The current webmaster and overlord of GFN, Metallus, clarified, "We tried to have the domain launch correspond with our 4th birthday celebration, which was July 15th of this year... Well, at least we got it out before the site's next half-birthday."

ZeroXcape later went on to brag that GFN turns five this summer which makes it eligible for ScummVM support in the near future!

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  • Thrik on 12 Dec, 2002, 13:58…
    GFN forever.
  • Endy on 10 Dec, 2002, 11:22…
    Oh great, another mouth to code.

    And another legal battle to fight, LEC are only negotiating to authorise us to do a SCUMM-clone.

    Where will it end? :)
  • Tall Guy on 10 Dec, 2002, 04:20…
    better late than never i suppose :)