Full Throttle Easter Egg Discovered (Finally)! 28 Apr, 2017 / 2 comments

Double Fine's luscious Full Throttle Remastered has revealed an easter egg in the game that has managed to stay hidden for over 20 years! According to the Remastered commentary one the game's main programmers, Mark Crowley, got a little punchy one night and hid a little surprise for anyone who entered his date of birth into Malcolm Corley's safe.

So well hidden was this little easter egg, that not even Tim Schafer was aware of its presence.

Since the reveal, fans have been trying to find Crowley's date of birth, but it was proving very tricky, and even reaching out to him over social media had been fruitless. Enter ScummVM developer Digitall who examined Full Throttle's game code and discovered Crowley's date of birth hidden deep within:
14 December, 1962.

That's right, entering 12-14-62 into Malcolm Corley's safe will reveal a little secret that nobody, not even Tim Schafer, was aware of.

The easter egg itself is very silly, and isn't the secret to Monkey Island or anything, but it is amazing that we're still finding secrets after all these years! Enjoy!

Source: Double Fine



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    AlfredJ on 29 Apr, 2017, 18:02…
    Hah, thought about doing this when I heard the commentary but didn't feel like doing the work to find out what the code was. Good stuff.
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    Jason on 28 Apr, 2017, 16:19…
    Awesome. This is exactly why I'm glad Mojo still exists.

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