From the good news department: Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick announce new adventure game! 18 Nov, 2014 / 8 comments

So, here's one for us all to enjoy: Ronzo "Ron" Gilbert -- you know him from… oh, you know him -- and Gary "Maniac Mansion" Winnick have teamed up to make another old-school adventure: Thimbleweed Park.

Let that one sink in for a bit. Then look at the screenshots.

And then watch the trailer:


Better let it all sink in again, before you Kickstart the hell out of it. Yes, it's a Kickstarter thingy. Sorry, but it'll be worth your while, we kinda promise-ish. :~ (And we'll announce a new Jason video soon!)

Find the press release after the cut.

Authorities Call on Community to Help Investigate Dead Body Found Just Outside of Thimbleweed Park
With police and federal agents stymied, point & click gurus Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick of Maniac Mansion fame turn to Kickstarter:

THIMBLEWEED PARK - May 14, 1987 - Just after midnight, police discovered a body floating in the river outside of Thimbleweed Park -- a development Police Chief Whitmire has called "perplexing," "mystifying," and "a real head-scratcher." Police at the scene were observed scratching their heads.

Lacking the resources to tackle such a murder investigation, the Thimbleweed Park police department has reached out to federal agents for assistance. With a preliminary forensic analysis of the body revealing no conclusive evidence, the authorities are now turning to the public in hopes of locating an eyewitness, raising necessary funds, and ultimately finding the killer.

As the local rubberneckers flocking to the crime scene grew, famed game designers Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick were spotted in the gathering crowd. The duo is best known around these parts as the creators of Maniac Mansion, the revolutionary point & click adventure game that recently exposed the antics of mad scientist Dr. Fred Edison to the world.

When pressed for comment on the dead body situation, the notoriously grumpy Ron Gilbert said, "This would make a great adventure game. If only we had $375,000, we could get right to work!" Gary Winnick, already sketching some concept art, chimed in, "These puzzles will design themselves!"

As if by coincidence, a slow chant of point & click, point & click, point & click began to rise in the crisp night air. Despite it being the scene of a grisly murder, the atmosphere was festive and bristling with excitement and anticipation. Onlookers were heard chattering about "the good old days," 900-number hint lines, and code wheels. "Ask me about Loom!" shouted one eager young man, who has requested to remain anonymous.

"Crowdfunding is just the kind of lateral thinking a case like this needs," Chief Whitmire interjected, pushing a crisp $20 bill into Gilbert's hand. "Take my money!"

For more details regarding the crowdsourcing efforts being used to solve the Thimblewood Park murder, visit:

About Thimbleweed Park
Currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, Thimbleweed Park is a brand new, old-school adventure game by Maniac Mansion creators Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick. Lost along a dusty stretch of highway, the town of Thimbleweed Park once boasted an opulent hotel, a vibrant business district, and the state's largest pillow factory, but now teeters on the edge of oblivion and continues to exist for no real reason. When two washed up detectives are called in to investigate a dead body found floating in the river just outside of town... well, that's when things get interesting.

With five playable characters, multiple endings, deliciously retro 2D graphics, classic verb-based point & click gameplay, inventory items, and a bizarre comedy storyline swaddled around a grisly murder, Thimbleweed Park is the game that might have immediately followed Maniac Mansion if only Ron hadn't gone off on a pirate kick.

About Ron Gilbert
Ron Gilbert is a game designer, writer and programmer best known for creating and designing the cult classic adventure games Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island. Ron was the ninth employee at Lucasfilm Games, instrumental in their leap into adventure games, and creator of the SCUMM engine. He was the co-founder of Humongous Entertainment and made numerous adventure games for kids, such as Putt-Putt, Freddi Fish, and Pajama Sam. His most recent work includes the adventure/RPG DeathSpank, The Cave, and indie mobile games The Big Big Castle and Scurvy Scallywags.

About Gary Winnick

Gary Winnick is an artist, writer, designer and art director. During his ten-year stint at Lucasfilm Games, he co-designed and created all the art for their first graphic adventure Maniac Mansion. Additionally, he created art for and art directed many other LucasArts games including Zak McKracken, Loom, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Monkey Island, and Habitat. Gary created the original property Defenders of Dynatron City, co-plotted a 6-issue mini-series for Marvel, and served as a producer for the animated TV special. He was a co-founder of Lightsource Studios and Suddenly Social. His most recent graphic novel, Bad Dreams, is currently being published by comic company Red 5.



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    Melancholick on 19 Nov, 2014, 13:50…
  • Avatar
    Kolzig on 19 Nov, 2014, 08:40…
    Backed the moment I saw the posting on Ron's blog.

  • Avatar
    Rum Rogers on 19 Nov, 2014, 08:00…
    Goodbye, 150 bucks!
  • Avatar
    Jennifer on 19 Nov, 2014, 03:46…
    Man, Mojo's downtime really is like a seismograph predicting upcoming big announcements from former LucasArts designers. :D

    I honestly have to say I never would have guessed we'd ever see a kickstarter for a Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick adventure game (such a thing seems the stuff of dreams, and not Bad Dreams *wink*). Maniac Mansion was the first adventure game that I ever completed, and was the game that made me an adventure game fan for life.

    I backed this in a heartbeat. I just wish I could back higher.
  • Avatar
    OzzieMonkey on 18 Nov, 2014, 23:13…
    There was not a single doubt in my mind that I would back this....and get the box reward tier. This will look very nice next to Broken Age :D
  • Avatar
    Jason on 18 Nov, 2014, 22:19…

    (Although it is kinda sad that this surpassed Duke Grabowki in like an hour. I wanted my Pedro soundtrack stretch goal!)
  • Avatar
    jp-30 on 18 Nov, 2014, 20:54…
    What!? WHAT!?
  • Avatar
    AlfredJ on 18 Nov, 2014, 18:53…
    Oh hey, this is good news. I'm not too sure about them actually using the Maniac Mansion style graphics, but hey, I won't be a grump for once.

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