First invented to clean out the Onion Mines of Midden... 13 Feb, 2013 / 2 comments

Apparently part of a series analyzing "gonzo guns" in video games (so, all of them), Gamaustra has a brief piece up examining the legendary Land Shark Gun from Planet Moon's should-have-been blockbuster Armed & Dangerous.

Never played Armed & Dangerous? Dude, it's $4.99 on Steam.


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    Kolzig on 14 Feb, 2013, 20:47…
    I wish I could get widescreen working in it. I bought it last Christmas from Steam sale.

    Really great game to play again after all these years. Great humour and all.
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    Remi on 13 Feb, 2013, 16:12…
    What a fun game that was. Had been even better had it not been rushed out the door without any marketing behind it, but hey...

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