Fate of Atlantis comes to Prime Gaming 05 Aug, 2021 / 2 comments

If you were hoping for a way to play Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis that requires a subscription, isn't DRM-free and supports Jeff Bezos, then today is your lucky day.

Joining the ranks of the Monkey Island special editions, Fate of Atlantis is now available via Prime Gaming, a revolutionary new service from Amazon that lets you register yet another app for doing the same thing you can do elsewhere, less conveniently. Go ahead and pinch yourself. This is really happening.


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    Thrik on 06 Aug, 2021, 09:00…
    While I have no interest in the platform itself, it’s sort of nice to see these ancient games put on a new platform. It shows some sort of commitment from Disney to preserve the library and keep them out there I guess?
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    Huz on 05 Aug, 2021, 13:35…
    Go on, sign up! Bezos's space dong isn't going to pay for itself.

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