Fans embark on alternate universe Maniac Mansion game 04 Jul, 2012 / 15 comments

You can't chuck a box of Tentacle Chow anywhere in Germany without it hitting someone working on a Maniac Mansion fan game. But the one brought to my attention by Cyrus7 on our forums is a little bit different.

Crazy Mansion presents an original story that takes place in the universe of the Maniac Mansion while adroitly sidestepping copyrighted names in order to escape legal problems. The team is a group of longtime friends and Maniac Mansion fans who call themselves Desperate Studios and have apparently been tinkering with homemade game development since the Commodore 64 days.

They seem to have gotten far along enough in the conceptual phase of Crazy Mansion to show off a bunch of stuff and are trying their hand at crowdsourcing the game's development - check out their indiegogo campaign where you can read an overview of the project as well as see a bunch of concept art and the following trailer. I do like the art style they've landed on:



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    Lombre on 09 Jul, 2012, 03:06…


    Fans embark on alternate universe Maniac Mansion game

    I'm sure that, in an alternate universe, this looks fantastic.
    Shame we're not in one.
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    Lagomorph on 08 Jul, 2012, 11:27…
    Wow... Last night I actually dreamt that someone donated to this project... Weird.
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    Rum Rogers on 06 Jul, 2012, 15:14…
    Your comments are making my day, LOL
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    koosjebig on 06 Jul, 2012, 13:24…


    (C) of all the content of this campaign by Desperate Studios 2012

    What about those screens from Maniac Mansion? ;)
    They are at $50 out of $10.000, the future of this campaign is even worse than Sam suede...
    I've been checking some projects at indiegogo, there's a lot of crap there (such as teenage boys asking for donations so they can buy a computer/PS3).
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    Lagomorph on 06 Jul, 2012, 12:48…
    It's strange how something abismal as this keeps drawing my attention. I keep checking their Indiegogo to see if they have any more donations and I keep checking the comments you guys write. Is it possible that something so terribly aweful captures my fancy so much? It's like a spider in a toilet bowl. You know it has no chance of survival but somehow you keep rooting for it.
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    Jason on 06 Jul, 2012, 12:31…
    These comments render this my favorite Mojo post of all time.
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    Alex IDV on 06 Jul, 2012, 12:00…
    Wow, this looks unprofessional. Why are we covering this on Mix 'n' Mojo again?
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    Rum Rogers on 06 Jul, 2012, 11:49…
    The guys clearly need to go learn some english. Grammar horrors everywhere.
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    Zaarin on 06 Jul, 2012, 11:21…
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    clone2727 on 06 Jul, 2012, 01:29…
    Maybe an NSFW notice would be nice? :P
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    Shmargin on 06 Jul, 2012, 01:14…
    lol....So some of the games artists will be using MSPaint, some will be hand painted, some will be drawn with crayons, and some will use 3D graphics? And all of them will be very poorly animated?

    And they think $10,000 is going to fix any of this? I think not.
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    Jake on 05 Jul, 2012, 16:55…
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    Lagomorph on 05 Jul, 2012, 08:32…
    This looks like absolute rubbish. The logo animation alone is terrible, the art direction is sloppy, inconsistent and looks like it was drawn by a 12 year old. They truly look like a bunch of amateurs who don't know what their doing...
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    Rum Rogers on 04 Jul, 2012, 21:13…
    How is it possible not to be sued by LucasArts when you do something like this? Good luck to the guys, hope them all the best
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    koosjebig on 04 Jul, 2012, 15:40…
    I saw an announcement on adventure gamers. To be honest, i'm not impressed. Especially the art is not my thing.
    After a few days they've only made 35 out of 10000.....
    But i wish them good luck anyway!!!

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