Fan makes incredible Zombies Ate My Neighbors DOOM mod 04 Mar, 2020 / 2 comments

Our own Benny thought you should all check this out. Behold the laudable work of "Dude 27th":

Benny would have told you this himself, but the torrid fortune he's raked in from Quick and Easy Software over the years has enlarged his head, and at this point he exclusively communicates with his fellow Mixnmojo staffers in the form of snail mail dispatched through an elaborate network of high-priced attorneys. So it's left up to me, a man of the people, to pass the word along.

Edit: And because we're unstoppable lunatics who just can't help ourselves, here's a link to the mod to you can track its progress and support its creator.

Comments: 2 / Source: Bennyboy


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    Kolzig on 08 Mar, 2020, 07:37…
    Absolutely fantastic
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    Scummbuddy on 06 Mar, 2020, 02:22…
    This is terrific. It's perfect in every way and I love it.

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