Factor 5 owes LucasArts a game and a lot of money 18 Jun, 2009, 04:18 / 2 comments

The long rumored Wii Star Wars: Rogue Squadron game source code looks to have been stolen and hidden in a shell company. The San Rafael branch of Factor 5 filed for bankruptcy recently, owing lots of money to lots of people, including $4 million to LucasArts and $0.9million to their former employees.

You can read all the sordid details here on Nintendo World Report.


  • Ascovel on 18 Jun, 2009, 08:42…
    Why the hell LEC was giving huge loans when it was in trouble itself?
  • elTee on 18 Jun, 2009, 06:23…
    Increasingly pleased I didn't get a Wii. Factor 5 probably helped shift a high percentage of early Gamecube consoles though.