European Classic Collections Update 14 Jul, 2002, 07:35 / 3 comments

According to Mixnmojo reader zebulon, our previous post about a new LucasArts classic game compliation pack wasn't entirely accurate. Here's a quote from zebulon:
After reading your news entitled "New European LEC Classic Collections", I wrote a mail to UbiSoft (which distributes LucasArts games in France) and their Consumers Department says there is nothing planned. There is a compilation called "LucasArts Edition Collector" actually, but it was released in December 2001, and the price was the one you mention, i.e. 60 ?.
Indeed, you can view the compilation details here at the UbiSoft website and see what games it includes.


  • Jake on 14 Jul, 2002, 13:54…
    I'm so ashamed of my inaccurate reporting :( Damn Frenchies.
  • MonkeyMug on 14 Jul, 2002, 22:25…
    Shhh... Don't let them hear you, French people are mean & crazy.... Or at least the Canadian ones are... They'll track ya down. *shiver*

    Stupid UbiSoft Canada wont sent me a copy of EMI in French... I just want to hear Guybrush in French(again)! Is that a crime? But nooo I'm one province over and they won't ship... Bah.. Not that important....
  • QueZTone on 14 Jul, 2002, 08:49…
    aah man, this is awful news :( i was so much looking forward to a huge collection pack..

    hmm the pack doesnt even include as many games as i had thought it would..

    still vague that reads:
    Cet article para?tra le 31 d?cembre 2002

    must be something wrong in their system..