Escape the Curse of Chimpy Island 11 Oct, 2019 / 1 comment

That headline might sound like an anno-2001 fan-game, but it is, in fact, a reference to an Uncle Scrooge comic that comes loaded with Monkey Island references.

A Reddit… person… thing (Redditor?) brought this to light, and kindly posted a bunch of images from the story. Some highlights: Captain LeChunk, Brushwood, “LeChunk’s Revenge,” and the rather inspired Grizzlebert.

This Disney-Monkey Island thing seems to have come full circle.

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    AlfredJ on 11 Oct, 2019, 15:28…
    I'm watching the new Ducktales show with the kids, and it's actually surprisingly good. Who do I need to call to get Dominic Armato to cameo as Grizzlebert? They aren't afraid to go pretty obscure with their references (they go from referencing the vastly more interesting comic stories all the way to the moon theme from the old NES-game), and it's all owned by the same company now anyway.

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