Easy Peasy Quick And Easy 07 Feb, 2005, 12:24 / 6 comments

Six months after saying that a new version would be released 'sometime in the next month' ScummVM Quick And Easy 1.4.0 is out.

The new version introduces many new features including: game filters - to display only games of a particular type, a frontend for the extra scummvm tools - so you can compress various datafiles without having to use the command line, and options galore - so you can tweak and change the program to suit your own preferences.

The full list of changes is huge so its best to read this thread for an explanation of the most important ones.


  • Metallus on 09 Feb, 2005, 18:43…
    Crosslist, man!
  • Simon on 08 Feb, 2005, 07:31…
    Excellent, one niggle with Q+E before was having to scroll through all the games supported to find the one I wanted to play. The 'installed games' filter is a nice new touch. Keep up the great work, bgbennyboy!
  • Gabez on 07 Feb, 2005, 14:29…
    Great news post title!

    How do you think up these little gems!?
  • bgbennyboy on 07 Feb, 2005, 15:07…
    I have my own team of writers, look out for these gems in the future:

    'Bugger me, its Q+E'
    'Q+E - quicker than lager turns to piss, easier too'
  • Remi O on 07 Feb, 2005, 12:57…
    Dude, you should have kept the "exclusivity feature" which made it work on computers with only a certain name. :~
  • bgbennyboy on 07 Feb, 2005, 13:33…
    In a few years every program will do that. I'm just ahead of my time :~