EMI PS2 Review 22 Jun, 2001, 07:54 / 0 comments

IGN have posted a review of the Playstation version of EMI. I would post my own review, but not having a playstation2 makes it harder. From what i've seen of it, it was the same as the PC version with less intuitive controls. Anyway:
Escape from Monkey Island is a very funny game. More than that, it represents a breed of humor that you have to actively seek out these days: good clean wit, without any reliance on bad taste as a crutch to make up for lack of creativity. Now that comedy has gotten so relentlessly blue on TV and in the movies, it's marvelously refreshing to find something you can laugh at without feeling ashamed afterwards. Monkey Island does head below the belt on the odd occasion, but always in a light, chuckling sort of way, as an accent to what's fundamentally an all-ages affair.
There are some new addittions to the game for the console port, including a new sub game featuring Murray! whoop!