Duncan's still jonesing for his Full Throttle movie. 10 Jan, 2022 / 1 comment

A year after releasing his Full Throttle movie spec script, Duncan Jones is trying to drum up support for his movie to be made.

Has anyone checked The Rock's diary?

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    AlfredJ on 11 Jan, 2022, 16:02…
    I'd love to see this, but I feel like this would have to be animated. The artstyle is so important to the vibe of the game that I can't see it working with live action actors. And I'm not sure how Disney would feel about a (slightly) more adult animated series. It's not more violent than anything you'd see in Star Wars, but adding bikers to it might make them hesitate a bit.

    Still, give this man his Full Throttle movie, and get Schafer/Chan/McConnell etc involved as well.

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