Double Indiana Jones Fan Games Updates! 03 Jan, 2011 / 0 comments

It's been a long time since we've had any Indiana Jones news at all, let alone Indy gaming news! Fortunately that ends right now, as fans once again show that if the people in charge don't care, just bloody do it yourself!

First off is Screen 7 and Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth, who are promising an exciting year - hopefully culminating in a release! Their new year surprise is a revised demo, featuring an updated game engine and a small Easter Egg. Let's just say it involves a mysterious ring and someone who might know about it! They're also promising a new mini-adventure, entitled Indiana Jones and the Valley of the Kings. Let's hope for great things, since the demo is arguably more impressive than even Fate of Atlantis!

The second fan project is Binary Legends with Indiana Jones and the Seven Cities of Gold, who have just released their first demo.

We wish both projects luck, and we can only hope that LucasArts are inspired by their efforts that they stop f***ing around and give us some Indiana Jones news from them too. If not, I think these two are enough to get excited about for now!

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