Double Fine's Dischord is now called Dropchord 25 Mar, 2013 / 1 comment

Another Double Fine game gets a name change, as Dischord becomes Dropchord. And with the name change comes a reveal trailer.

For those who don't remember the announcement of the game last month, Dropchord (another game developed thanks to Dracogen's investment in Double Fine) is a music-driven "dexterity-requiring puzzle game" that utilizes the Leap Motion Controller.

Players stick two fingers into the roughly two-foot sensor zone of the Leap, making two glowing spheres appear on the screen. Once players lock those spheres into place on the level's circular track, a beam of light appears between them, which players then must navigate around a series of obstacles that appear within the circle, potentially interrupting the beam.

There are nodes you can collect to increase your score, and hazards you must avoid, which you do entirely by moving your fingers around the circle and maneuvering your beam. Certain sections require you to paint large portions of the circle with your beam, which you can do by flicking your finger around its perimeter.

According to a Polygon interview at PAX East (where the game premiered) with Double Fine's Patrick Hackett and Drew Skillman, Dropchord will be a launch title on the Airspace app store, the distribution platform for software designed for the Leap (which means the release should be on or around May 13, as that's the day the Leap is released to people who pre-ordered the controller). It will also be on tablets and smartphones after its initial Leap launch.

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    Melancholick on 25 Mar, 2013, 16:16…
    ... while it's not something that appeals to my geriatric tastes in gaming, I really like that DF continues to find new ways to keep themselves involved in new areas of game development. They're one of the few publishers whose efforts to toe the line between mainstream projects and quirkier, original IPs actually seems to be paying off consistently.

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