Don't forget your free copy of Thimbleweed Park 21 Feb, 2019 / 2 comments

This is just a kind reminder by yours procrastinator truly that Thimbleweed Park is being given away for free today and until March 7 by the Epic Games Store, which, like Steam, GOG, and Origin, is a digital games platform. If, like me, you still haven't played this game, and if, unlike me, you haven't bought it yet, now's your chance. It should be available later today.

Thimbleweed Park is the latest from Maniac Mansion co-creators Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick. It should be a good way to send-off the winter (I find winter ideal for video games, especially adventure games; does anyone else?).

Source: Epic Games Store



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    Kroms on 21 Feb, 2019, 22:08…


    Play the game Kroms!

    :( I keep meaning to, but time management isn't my forte. Probably in September.
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    AlfredJ on 21 Feb, 2019, 20:35…
    Play the game Kroms!

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