Dom's love for you remains incurable in new Twitch interview 11 Jul, 2022 / 3 comments

Twitch hostess extraordinaire Cressup is continuing to notch her belt with sensational long-form interviews. This time her subject is your lawful Guybrush and internet friend Dominic Armato, who so badly wants to share more about Return to Monkey Island than he's allowed to, but the sheer enthusiam he gives off is sales hype enough. Watch and be delighted.

Comments: 3 / Source: Cressup


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    Deepthought2k on 14 Jul, 2022, 09:36…
    What was the word he said summed up RTMI near the end?! Dinnerball?
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    Jason on 12 Jul, 2022, 19:01…


    Now on YouTube as well:

    Thanks for that -- the embed can actually work now. (No refunds.)
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    Laserschwert on 12 Jul, 2022, 18:31…
    Now on YouTube as well:

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