Disney looking to whip up a new Indiana Jones TV series 09 Nov, 2022 / 1 comment

Variety is reporting that Disney+ is eyeing up an Indiana Jones TV series. Seems perfect timing now that Harrison Ford has retired from that iconic role to join the Marvel universe. Quite what the show will entail is still a ways off.

Details are still scant as Disney isn’t sure what kind of show this will be, a prequel, a sequel, a spin-off, or a reboot. But the vital thing to know is that the company has something non-specific in mind, the perfect place to start when reviving a beloved character.

Nice to see the character finally getting some more attention, what with the forthcoming movie and videogame.

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    JonesJr on 12 Nov, 2022, 06:11…
    So the rumour is that the show is to be based around Abner Ravenwood. Don't know that Abner is a beloved character that is being revived... Not an Indiana Jones series then, but some kind of 'expanded universe' thing.
    Either way, if the rumours are true that Indy is being killed off in the new film, then hard pass on both.

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