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Got five minutes to spare? You could do worse than spend them watching this mini-tribute to the infamous The Secret of Monkey Island stump joke.


Sure, there are some oddities—if you’re going to use art from our LucasArts' Secret History #12: The Curse of Monkey Island article, at least credit Paco Vink—but hey... A fun watch all the same.


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    ThunderPeel2001 on 14 Jul, 2023, 01:00…
    The inaccuracies. THE INACCURACIES!!! *impotently shakes fist like a grumpy old fool*

    He's clearly Amiga-centric, talking about the 11 disks that MI2 was released on (it was 5 on PC), but the stump joke only appeared in the PC floppy versions of the game. It wasn't in the Amiga version at all (or any later version). (Which makes me wonder about his memories about seeing it as a kid!)

    And despite what this video says, in every version without the joke, Guybrush simply says, "Just a regular old stump."

    And Chester's gender... well, that's complicated!

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