Devolver's got some Monkey Island merch for ya 22 May, 2024 / 1 comment

If you love Monkey Island and want everyone on the seven seas to know it, Devolver Digital's got Return to Monkey Island goods up for preorder.

Just taken a long walk off a short plank? There's a Bella Fisher towel. Yer timbers be shiverin'? Warm up with some Guybrush socks. Eyeballin' your enemies on a tense table and need some style to your swig? Try the Pirate Leaders lowball glass.

There's also stuff from gems like Cult of the Lamb and indie darling Inscryption, if those strike your fancy. Take a look here.


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    Jennifer on 24 May, 2024, 16:34…
    I've been collecting all of the Terrible Toybox merch that I can, but I'll probably pass on these. I might get the card and sticker packs though - those are pretty neat.

    And maybe the lowball glass. Possibly.

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