Delores source code released; Rum_Rogers still loves us 28 May, 2020 / 2 comments

We mentioned this on Twitter (which we intend on using until the White House shuts it down) but seeing Rum_Rogers threatened to break up with us, we'll mention it here, too: Ronzo has released Delores's source code. For free. On GitHub. If that means anything to you, then great. If not, then go about your life like the rest of us, and enjoy your freedoms while you have them.

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Say what you like about Ronzo, the man can code



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    ThunderPeel2001 on 30 May, 2020, 01:30…
    Damn, I have no idea why I didn't post this myself. I downloaded the code and look around in it, too. Doh.
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    Rum_Rogers on 29 May, 2020, 15:01…

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