Day of the Tentacle Is 30 and Will Be Celebrated Even More 22 Jun, 2023 / 0 comments

We’ve already granted you access to one YouTube celebration, but, not surprisingly, more keep popping up. And equally not surprising, Daniel Albu is responsible for this one.


One June 25th, one Dave Grossman will face the interrogation squad. Exactly why the description says In this conversation they discuss the history of the SCUMM engine and go over all the major milestones in Aric's career! is anyone’s guess, though maybe Dave will talk a lot about Aric? Or it’s a typo—who can even say these days?! (Mojo famously has none of those.) Anyway: June 25th is when it all goes down, so check it out.

Breaking news! The typo has been corrected. On the YouTube page that is. Mojo will keep having 'em.


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