Dave Grossman makes tears in more ways than one 11 Apr, 2022 / 1 comment

Authenticated original The Secret of Monkey Island posters are thin on ground these days, and when one turns up in mint condition, it is valuated by Lloyd’s of London at around $18 trillion. This is by way of setting the stage for Dave Grossman’s latest tweet:

Hey, you can’t put a price on a clever arts and crafts project. Well I mean you can, but it’d just be too depressing. Seriously, it should be said that it was Dave’s property to do with what he wanted. I will contend though that the cocktail napkins he made out of the Maya codices were a bit much.

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    Kroms on 11 Apr, 2022, 21:52…
    I get the feeling that someone's going over it with an eyeglass for a clue to the real secret of Monkey Island.

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