Costume Quest 2 reviewed, just in time for Halloween 31 Oct, 2015 / 2 comments

Well, the wrong Halloween, but then, what is the right Halloween?

Only a year too late, here is our review of Costume Quest 2! Read it, and fall in love with the game yet again!


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    Melancholick on 02 Nov, 2015, 14:55…
    Just got done with my annual playthrough, and gotta say that I absolutely love this game. I know a lot of folks ragged on it for lacking the charm of the original, but I honestly don't know what else DF could have done in terms of building on the franchise: it plays deeper, the story retains much of the comedic "click" of the first outing, and it's about as far as a sequel could go without giving in to a full-blown RPG experience.

    It apparently sold pretty poorly, which is sad: I'd love to see a third entry with Wren and Reynold as pre-teens, enjoying one last Halloween outing in the neighborhood and battling evil with the "next generation" of kids in Auburn Pines.
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    Jason on 31 Oct, 2015, 19:23…
    Majesco and Double Fine, dancing once more.

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