Contest winners announced 16 Jul, 2007, 21:24 / 15 comments

And yes, you heard right: winners it is; though I said at the start that there will only be one winner, I decided to split the prizes in the end. This was partly because both winners made excellent entries, and it was a pain to decide between them; and partly because they were both, I thought, more interested in different prizes from each other.

I take pleasure in saying that GloKidd and v4MP1r3 are our two winners. GloKidd submitted five entries: an imaginative piece of Sam & Max fan-art; a Sam & Max/A Vampyre Story crossover comic panel; and the rest shown in a web-site he created (which itself counts as a submission): a clay model of Max, and a tiny tiny MixnMojo code wheel badge. To GloKidd goes the Telltale goodies.

v4MP1r3, meanwhile, put a lot of effort into making a blog for A Vampyre Story, which has an archive of the game's information, images and related articles, and the author intends to keep updating the blog, charting the game's maturing until its release day. The signed A Vampyre Story concept art will be flying off to v4MP1r3 shortly.

Well done to our winners, thanks again to TellTale and Autumn Moon for donating the prizes, and thanks also for all the Mojo readers who took part.

I trust you all enjoyed our summer competition. It wasn?t quite the Triwizard Tournament, but I hope it was fun nevertheless.


  • Murray the Chao on 20 Jul, 2007, 07:56…
    "THE MAXX" really reminds me of Sergei from Raving Rabbids! Perhaps someone should do Max as a generic Rabbid?
  • Haggis on 17 Jul, 2007, 15:21…
    Congrats guys! ;)
  • v4MP1r3 on 17 Jul, 2007, 10:33…


    first, congratulations Glo_Kidd , I really like your images !

    omg! thank you guys! I never won anything related with this subject and I am really excited!

    thank you Gabez !

    And to all, thank you on the lovely comment about the blog, I did put a lot of effort in it.
    *cheers all* !

    support the adventure games ! ^_<<
  • Jake on 16 Jul, 2007, 23:11…
    Awesome! The first Mojo contest in probably 6 years. Congrats to Glo_kidd and v4MP1r3. Also, that AVS site should get hosting.
  • Gabez on 16 Jul, 2007, 23:29…
    Dude, we had that Bone contest the Christmas before last!
  • Jake on 17 Jul, 2007, 01:02…
  • Udvarnoky on 16 Jul, 2007, 21:55…
    So wait, who got the LucasArts recruiting card, arguably the most valuable trinket?
  • clone2727 on 16 Jul, 2007, 22:04…
    Somehow, I think Gabez forgot to mention it, as he's really taking it for himself ;)
  • Gabez on 16 Jul, 2007, 22:22…
    Hehe, no, I plum forgot. Maybe I'll save it for another competition :P

    Unless you want it, Jason? Mail me your postal address and I'll send it to you, if you like. :)
  • Udvarnoky on 16 Jul, 2007, 22:43…
    I say give it to v4MP1r3, since as it stands he/she is getting one thing out of 4.
  • Glo_kidd on 16 Jul, 2007, 22:45…
    I would be okay with that
  • Gabez on 16 Jul, 2007, 23:05…
    Okay. :)

    The LucasArts recruiting card balances everything out!
  • v4MP1r3 on 17 Jul, 2007, 10:35…
    omg! I'll get it ?!



    too much fainting for today :P
  • Glo_kidd on 16 Jul, 2007, 21:51…
    Yay :D!!!!
  • Glo_kidd on 16 Jul, 2007, 22:52…
    Now that my initial burst of explosive excitment is past (I have never won anything like this before :D )ill make a better post.

    Congrats to v4MP1r3 :D The Vampyre Story Blog is awesome :D

    Thank you Mojo, you guys rock :D I have had a lot of fun making these entries and really did not expect to win (or co-win as the case may be :D ). This was also my first time ever submitting Fan art of any sort to a site i frequented, i am so very happy at the moment :D

    This has completely made my day :D Thank you so much :D!!!!!